K-12 Alliance Applauds House Supplemental Plan

The K-12 Alliance of Michigan today released the following statement from Mark Greathead, Superintendent of Woodhaven-Brownstown Schools and President of K-12 Alliance, in response to the House’s supplemental plan, which would allocate the remaining, and critically needed, federal COVID-19 relief funding.

“Our schools are going to need every penny they can get to begin remediation efforts to address the many new challenges we face as a result of the pandemic. We are grateful to the House leadership for listening to the needs of our schools and crafting a supplemental plan that will allocate the entirety of the federal COVID-19 relief funding and give our schools the flexibility to ensure it best fits the needs of our students. We know students learn best in the classroom, and today’s announcement is one critical step, of many still to come, that will position our students for social, emotional and academic success in the 2021–22 school year and beyond. While this supplemental budget is unquestionably important, passing a school aid budget by June 1 is another critical step in enabling school leaders to plan for the coming school year. We’re hopeful Lansing will quickly come together to finalize this supplemental spending plan and then turn their attention toward completing a full school aid budget on time.”

Mark Greathead, President, K-12 Alliance of Michigan